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Long term car hire review – gets my 5 star rating!!!
30 April 2014
After surfing the net and various websites we happened upon Drive Africa. We are retired and not au fait with car rental so had many, many questions regarding unlimited mileage, cross border tariffs, different drop off destinations, etc. All our questions, and many e-mails later, we had all the answers to make an informed decision. We were advised which category of motor vehicle would suit our requirements and the reasons why. We had to take economy, comfort, long distances, etc into our trip/s. We were given different optins and nothing was too much trouble. We are looking forward to our trip – thank you so much, Drive Africa, for your professionalism and courteous service.
Penny Shepherd
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15 April 2014
I first made contact with Drive Africa in 2005 while browsing car rental in South Africa, my plan was to hire a vehicle for our 3 month stay. I noticed that they did a “buyback” scheme, it all sounded a great idea and Im delighted we went down that road. We were looked after so well by Alex and his team that we have used Drive Africa ever since. Now Alex is doing rental only and this year we have received the same sort of service as we have always had. I consider that we were very lucky to find them, they are an honest, trustworthy, and fair company.
Mike Evans, Norfolk, England
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04 March 2014
Drive Africa (do NOT confuse with similar name which includes “South”) has been a great company to do business with this past 7 months. I was their last buy back client. We have travelled 33,000 Kms from Cape Town to Dar es Salaam and backin the last 7 months and received our promised buy back price with no quibbles. I personally know 1 of their clients who returns every year – because the service is that good. If you are under 21, I bet you can’t get a better car rental deal than with Drive Africa.
Paul Johnson
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27 July 2013
After the stress of planning a holiday schedule for my trip to South Africa, I wasn’t looking forward to finding an affordable car rental. We’d decided to road trip through the Garden Route and then up to Johannesburg along the East Coast before heading back to Cape Town and needed a reliable car that would get us there safely and in one peace. I was surprised however, that when I typed my search into Google I found the website of Drive Africa – a car rental company that offered long term car rental. I found exactly what I was looking for online and contacted them quickly. We had an unforgettable holiday experience and couldn’t have asked for a more comfortable or affordable vehicle for our adventure. Thank you Drive Africa!
Nico Jordaan
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June 2013
Every time in in South Africa I hire a car from Drive Africa. Its not just the excellent service you receive from the staff – its also that you can rent cars with unlimited kilometers which are also allowed to cross the borders to the neighbouring countries. Not every car rental company allows that. And you can always get some nice insider tips where to go or what to see from the team 😉
Eli Saukel
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May 2013
I really can recommend Drive Africa.
I stayed for 4 months in Cape Town and hired my car there for a really good price! I had no trouble at all with my 4×4, although I went on trips in the Cederberg area and through the Karoo including Swartberg pass and so on. I travelled approx. 6000km and there was no problem at all! Everything was in good shape and double-checked before they handed the car over to me.
Furthermore the team gave me excellent insider-tipps (where you can find Cape Town’s best coffee, where to stay in the Cederberg area, etc.), which you won’t find in any fancy tour-guide. 100% recommendation!
And you can even use their website for booking any car in any other country, which is really nice, because they usually have better offers than local websites
Great service, excellent team!
Nikolaas Kohlhase
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21 January 2013
At first I was a little skeptical due to Drive Africa almost having ‘too many glowing reviews’ on here, but I’m happy to say that skepticism was misplaced. Alex and the Drive Africa crew did excellent work for me. They fixed numerous issues on my vehicle and got it through roadworthy for me without me having to do anything other than approve quotes & what needed fixing over the phone. They supplied their end-to-end service at a very low cost, to the extent that I’m not even going to bother trying to find another mechanic in Cape Town for future work as I can’t see anyone else providing a better deal. Based on my experience you’d be silly not to give Drive Africa a go.
Jonas Meister

Best car rental in South Africa!
12 September 2012
Best car rental in South Africa! Hassle free and the friendliest service I have came across in a long time, thanks for everything Drive Africa 🙂
Timothy-John Benjamin
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02 July 2012
When it comes to Car hire in South Africa you guys really know what you doing, great service and good deals
Eric Gansbaai
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26 December 2011
Drive Africa has provided me with incredible service since arriving in Cape Town. I am american and was in need of an automatic car, a rarity in South Africa. They got me a great car, were prompt to assist me when I got in a fender bender and the quality of customer service is unmathced by any previous rental agencies I have dealt with. If you are an international moving to South Africa this is a fantastic place to go for your car rental needs!
Amanda Viitanen

25 January 2010
“Drive Africa offered great service and quality cars to boot. Thank you so much for a perfect holiday!”
Dani Pedrosa (SA)

11 November 2009
Dear Iris You have been very, very kind – and by the way the car was perfect. Yes – I have a car of my own now – but will of course recommend you to any of my friends or family coming out here for a visit. Thank you again – you have been great. All the best Toni

18 August 2008
Dear Drive Africa, 18th August 2009 Thank you so much for all of your wonderful help this winter! I’ve arrived safely in the US, and I’m already missing Cape Town. “Temporarily moving to a distant country is stressful enough, so figuring out transport while you’re there is the last thing someone wants to think about. I spent the last three months living and working in Cape Town as well as driving around South Africa and some surrounding countries, and Drive Africa allowed me to enjoy the whole experience. My trip was documented here. From my first contact with them, they have proven to be a company that not only does its job with a rare degree of competence and expertise, but also interacts with its customers with such hospitality that I began to look forward to seeing them as I returned to get advice about my trip and get a free check-up on the car. As a young person who not only wanted a long-term car solution and the freedom to drive to surrounding countries, I initially thought I would have to get a car on my own, since I was too young, poor, and wayward to rent a car for such a long period. Thankfully, I found Drive Africa and they not only provided me with a superbly-maintained car, but also went to lengths to make sure I enjoyed my time working with them, like driving me to and from the airport and making me feel at home while being at the office. I have every intention of insisting that anyone I know who wants to go to South Africa look at Drive Africa’s buyback program. It’s simply too amazing to ignore. Thank you, Drive Africa!” Hope that helps! Best, Derek

11 August 2008
Thanks Grischa!
I must say, this whole experience dealing with Drive Africa has just been a pure pleasure.
I’m passing your details onto my colleagues for any bookings they have as well.

Drive Africa Great
29 July 2008
Dear Iris
You have been very, very kind – and by the way the car was perfect. Yes – I have a car of my own now – but will of course recommend you to any of my friends or family coming
out here for a visit.Thank you again – you have been great.
All the best

Kind and Helpful
12 February 2007
We are a retired English couple living in Norwich, and our visit to South Africa earlier this year was our first…
We were planning a two centre trip over three months: five weeks in Cape Town and two months in Knysna. Public transport was out of the question because of the lack of flexibility, and car hire seemed the way to go, but the cost of car hire is not cheap. We wondered whether anyone did a “sell a car with buy back” deal, and to that end looked on the Internet, and as you know found you at Drive Africa.
It was very much our lucky day! Right from my very first email you were kind and helpful even though I bombarded you with scores of questions. As a result we bought a car off you with a guaranteed buy-back.
You met us at the airport upon arrival and took us to your offices to complete the necessary documents, then handed over “our” car and we were on our way.
I think we covered the best part of 5000 miles during our stay, and our car performed faultlessly the entire time. When our holiday came to an end and we returned to Cape Town to have you check the car, the formalities were completed very swiftly and then you permitted us to continue using the car for another day and a half. The fact that we were able to drive it to the airport on the day of departure, even though it was very late in the day, and have you meet us there to collect the car was a blessing we never expected.
We could not let the chance pass to express our gratitude to you for all your help in so many ways, thanks to you we never had a moments anxiety, and look forward to doing the same thing with you next year.
Kindest regards to you all
Angela and Mike

Great Service an Car
05 March 2003
From October 2002 till February 2003 Myself Hans Ermel and my girlfriend Christine Mauerhofer were on holiday for 5 months with Drive Africa thanks for the great car and service.
Hans Ermel


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