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Long term car rental | Johannesburg

If you’ve ever spent more than 5 weeks in a foreign city, you’re likely to appreciate that car rental costs can become severe. But what are you to do? You need special long term car rental rates. The idea of being without transport in a place like Johannesburg is almost unthinkable. This is, after all, … Continue reading “Long term car rental | Johannesburg”


Long term car rental | Durban

But there’s a catch to spending this much time here. Your car rental fees are likely to be nasty. That’s where we come in. Our long term car hire Durban service is designed to save you as much money as possible, while still providing you with a quality vehicle. Please feel free to choose from our wide range … Continue reading “Long term car rental | Durban”


Long term car rental | Cape Town

Cape Town is an exciting city to which people travel on vastly different sorts of business. It’s worth a long stay so we have special long term car rental rates. Some come for work related reasons. These may range from concluding commercial deals to sourcing locations for big, Hollywood movies. Then there are those who … Continue reading “Long term car rental | Cape Town”


With its rugged landscapes, national treasures and unrivalled landmarks, South Africa is every explorer’s dream. No trip to our beautiful country would be complete without a road trip across the extensive provinces, cities and towns.

The journey from Cape Town via the famous Garden Route to Johannesburg, or vice versa, is one that has achieved worldwide acclaim. There is just so much to see and experience, most of which is due to the vibrancy and diversity of both the people and the flora and fauna on display within the country’s borders.

Other top road trip routes include an extensive drive through the biological heaven of the Eastern Cape, an expedition through the extensive plains of the Karoo and even the great trek through all of South Africa’s world famous wine regions.

Car Rental South Africa

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