Long term car rental | Johannesburg

If you’ve ever spent more than 5 weeks in a foreign city, you’re likely to appreciate that car rental costs can become severe. But what are you to do? You need special long term car rental rates. The idea of being without transport in a place like Johannesburg is almost unthinkable. This is, after all, a driving city; meaning that distances between places of interest are too vast for walking. Also, the quality of public transport here is sort of on the poor side but has improved after the world cup which was hosted here and throughout South Africa.
Well, this is precisely where Drive Africa’s long term car hire Johannesburg service comes in. Its purpose is to save you money during an extended stay in this amazing city. Visit the Gold Mines in Johannesburg and the Diamond mines in Pretoria on route take in the Voortrekker monument that depicts the trek from Cape Town to the North. That was travelling with an ox wagon and now you can do it in the comfort of a rental car supplied through us.


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