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Cash car rental | johannesburg

At Drive Africa, one of our chief goals is to spare our clients stress. Our various car rental packages are all motivated by this desire. The cheap cash car rental Johannesburg deal is intended to help those of our clients who want to find a car rental,where a credit card is not required to rent a car. … Continue reading “Cash car rental | johannesburg”


Cash car rental | Cape Town

Cash is King! or so they all thought but when it comes to Cash car rental Cape Town and you don’t own a credit card then it’s nearly impossible to rent a car for cash. We at Drive Africa however have sourced  cash car rental partners in Cape Town who accept cash or a debit card … Continue reading “Cash car rental | Cape Town”


Cash car rental | Durban

Durban is a marvellous city. Here you can sample authentic Indian cuisine, and enjoy long stretches of perfect beaches. Also, the city has a variety of clubs and bars. These range from the mature, sophisticated Panama Room to Tilt, an upmarket trance club just right for the younger crowd. It’s a traveller’s dream destination. Wouldn’t … Continue reading “Cash car rental | Durban”


Planning any sort of holiday can be stressful. There is so much that needs to be sorted out before you even leave, especially if you’re going to a foreign country. The hassle of making sure that all of your payment cards work in whatever country you’re going to is enough to put anyone off the holiday in the first place – bank queues are not the best of places to spend your time.

With this in mind, Drive Africa is able to offer car rental without credit card – in other words a cash car rental or a car rental using your debit card. By eliminating the boring, administrative side of things, we hope to help you make your holiday that extra little bit more relaxing. No credit cards are needed, our cars are available at a low price and we offer rentals to drivers under the age of 21 – alas with a small surcharge if paying cash.

Do I need a credit card to rent a car in South Africa?

You need to own a credit card to rent a car in South Africa.If you don’t own a credit card none of the rental companies will rent a car to you as they have no security.

  • The reason is that the rental company will let you drive in one of their highly valuable assets and needs to safeguard the return of the vehicle, or you damaging it and not having the means of paying for your liability. A short note here on credit card security is that if a person has been issued with a credit card, by their home bank it means that firstly they can afford to pay off any debt they make with the credit card and secondly they have a fixed home address known to the bank where the credit card bill is posted to so this the rental companies see as a trusting individual so they will rent a car to him or her.
  • Secondly the credit card companies require the car rental companies to make an imprint of the client’s credit card so the numbers on the card need to stand proud in order to do that. The rental company then takes a holding and authorised deposit only and does not actually take the money for the deposit. This is also not possible when using a prepaid credit card or debit card.

So finding a company that will rent you a vehicle without a credit card can be rather frustrating. Very few SA rental companies allow you to rent with a debit card and then it’s mostly for South African citizens only.
But when it comes to buying fuel (petrol) for the car you have rented you will mostly be needing cash as only very few petrol stations accept credit cards so be advised to carry cash with you when filling up with petrol.

The cash car rental companies make cash car hire possible using either small new cars or good second hand cars which are older.

We have seen the car rental market changing in Europe and elsewhere around the world where they have fewer or no credit cards to do their shopping. Some large department stores in Europe don’t accept credit cards any longer as they lose too much money in fees to the credit card companies.

Age also counts against drivers wanting to hire a car to travel around Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town. Some cash car companies make exceptions and let younger drivers also rent their cash rental cars.

Simply open and visit our cash car hire partners under the different Cities where we offer cash car hire, fill in the enquiry form with your choice of car and they will revert to you with an offer to rent you a cash car hire or a debit card rental whatever you prefer.

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