Namibia to South Africa

Namibia to Cape Town

Embarking on a journey to the fairest Cape of all at Southern end of South Africa is always worth a visit. The cross border car rental – Namibia to Cape Town is made easy with Drive Africa as we give you full insurance even when crossing into South Africa and for the long distance always … Continue reading “Namibia to Cape Town”


Namibia to Durban

Your trip to drive all the way to Durban will be a very rewarding one with lots to see on the way. Your cross border car rental – Namibia to Durban trip will take you to the sunny beaches of Durban and there you will enjoy the finest India Cuisine when dining out. The tropical … Continue reading “Namibia to Durban”


Namibia to Johannesburg

Organising a Cross border car rental – Namibia to Johannesburg trip is easy with Drive Africa. You are getting free unlimited kilometers so you don’t have to count your kilometers. Relax in the comfort of a Drive Africa rental car, border crossing taken care of in this package so just buckle up and enjoy the … Continue reading “Namibia to Johannesburg”


Windhoek to South Africa

To travel to South Africa you have three major choices. The most direct one is driving to Cape Town South Africa down the infamous Namibia to Cape Town route. You are looking at around 1450 km to Cape Town crossing the border at Noordoewer across the mighty Orange River. Taking in the sites in Namibia … Continue reading “Windhoek to South Africa”


At Drive Africa has a competitive rate for all your Namibian car rental needs. Our standard rates are always well priced but we also run special deals on various packages and fleets whenever we are able to, resulting in even bigger savings for you the valued client. Cross border entry to South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zambia, Zimbabwe,Mozambique and Botswana allowed! It costs only R750 fora cross border letter per country! Cross border car rental – Namibia to South Africa made easy with Drive Africa.

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