Drive Africa Cross Border Entry

Drive Africa is known for two things – our exceptional service and our unrivalled deals. The Cross Border Rental is one of our best known specials, allowing people to traverse the borders of Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana at very little additional expense. In fact, it’s only R750 per cross border letter per country. Both International and South African drivers can capitalise on this deal, which also includes the added perk of unlimited kilometres car hire and no excess.

Explore the beauty and diversity of the African continent in style and comfort, without breaking the bank. Here are a few reasons why you should visit each one of the cross border countries listed above:


Meander up the Lebombo Mountains, revelling in panoramic vistas of lush valleys traversed by mighty rivers and kingdoms of old. Soak up the history and culture of one of the world’s most ancient and enigmatic countries, cross golden savannahs dotted with wildlife and creep through dense rainforests covered in whispering trees.  Drive to the western border of the country, nestled at the foot of an immense escarpment and listen to the hypnotic rhythm of vast rivers rushing through the ravines.


Traverse the barren landscape of Namibia, immersed in the haunting desolation of dissipating red-gold dunes adorned in sparse vegetation and specially adapted fauna. Tread lightly through abandoned ghost towns, ascend Big Daddy – Sossusvlei’s tallest dune, listen to the thunderous chorus of the migratory herds in Etosha, enjoy a cold home-brewed beer in Windhoek and wander into the desert and sleep under the stars.


Visit one of the numerous protected parks in the country to delight in intimate game-viewing encounters. Look out for great herds of elephant lumbering across the plains, along with shy cheetahs and lazy lions, sleeping the day away. Drop into one of the villages to appreciate the local lifestyle and spend some time at Kapishya Hot Springs soaking in the sun-drenched pools.


Ascend one of Lesotho’s myriad mountains and admire the rugged terrain and vast natural splendour of a land cloaked in legend. Discover epic waterfalls tucked away in hidden forests and delight in numerous adventure activities such as abseiling, hiking and horseback riding.  Immerse yourself in the culture of the Basotho people, adorned in beautiful colourful blankets and known for their astounding arts and crafts.


Leave stark footprints in the soft grains of Mozambique’s blanched beaches, dive into the cobalt sea, explore an underwater world of astonishingly diverse marine life, feast on shellfish of every description, sample the local rum, take a trip on a somewhat unsteady dhow and lie in a hammock absorbing the irresistible warmth of the sun.