Five essential mobi sites for the itchy-footed traveller

Cell phones have become one of the greatest companions on any outing, adventure or tour with the compact devices providing entertainment, security, products and, thankfully, maps. These mobisites are a great alternative to the costly affair of downloading apps with their free, sleek and secure set up providing you with everything you need on your grand adventure.


Where would any of us be without the titan that is Google? Like Atlas, the search engine carries the weight of the world on its shoulders with millions upon millions of searches entered every day. Whether you’re looking for a restaurant, accommodation, transport or even ‘googling’ one of the names in this list, Google is the essential mobisite.


Another must in any bookmarks tab is the ever-knowing Wikipedia. This paragon of collected knowledge has information on almost everything, all at your disposal. Whether you want to check out some local sites, read up on the history of some pokey little town or waste some time playing the Wikipedia game, you’ll find all the information you need.

Drive Africa Mobisite

Drive Africa’s new mobisite is a secure and convenient portal to all things car rental. Long term rentals and car hire for under 21/23 year olds make sure you can find the perfect deal, no matter your distance or age. Drive Africa’s specialized delivery service makes this even more convenient with a simple form – all that’s required to get you your vehicle. Bookmark it now and experience the secure site’s portal to mobility and adventure.


Reader is the e-reader that doesn’t require a download, with a slick interface emulating its data heavy cousins. Reader is versatile, allowing you to upload your own downloaded books, import documents and borrow from a built-in library. The ‘night-time’ setting is also a highlight, providing you with a comfortable dim light for late night travels.

Zoho Mobile

While some of us wouldn’t like to admit it, sometimes work needs to be done while on holiday. For this, there is Zoho Mobile, an online suite of web-based productivity apps. Emails, invoices, calendars, memos and the like are all available without any time wasted downloading an entire office suite. This simple system makes the goliath task of holiday work quick and easy.

These sites are well worth bookmarking for any trip you may have planned with their easy access, lack of download time and secure operations a saving grace on any trip to the unknown.