200km Kilometers per day Car Rental

limited 200 kilometers per day car rental

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limited kilometers car rental.  Simply enter your details into the enquiry form and within seconds you will receive a quote that you can book.

For our South African residents as well as foreign drivers we have put together a special package that if taken for more than  days also allows unlimited kilometers and no excess if this is requested.

limited Kilometers Car Rental

        • With this limited kilometers car hire  enjoy 200 km per day and the choice of a large  excess or a small excess.  The minimum age to hire a car with this this car rental product is 23 years old. Should you wish to rent a under 23 car rental use the link here

under 23 car rental

      • . Opening the link allows under 23 to hire a car with no excess and you can use a credit card and also receive unlimited kilometers. The rental product on this page can be booked but being under 23 but will have to pay a underage surcharge. Above in the booking field just choose your pick-up and drop-off place then enter your dates and times and instantly your unlimited kilometer car hire quote will be generated when booking 4 days or more. You can choose if you want to book it and with what insurance package you want the car hire with.


      • Should you wish to visit any neighbouring countries and want to enjoy unlimited kilometer car hire go to our crossborder package 5 days and longer gives you unlimited kilometer. https://www.driveafrica.co.za/cross-border-car-rental/


    • You are also able to travel to the neighbouring countries with unlimited kilometers like Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozambique. When driving into these countries you still enjoy the car rental insurance option you chose for South Africa but are liable for an excess should something happen to your rental car whilst in one of the neighbouring countries. Should you however be under the rental age of 23 we recommend you use our under 23 car hire product as you do not have to pay an underage surcharge if you are under 23 and also enjoy unlimited kilometer car rental.

You will enjoy the car rental products we have put together for you and can review Drive Africa and see satisfied clients right here.