Road trip destination: Botswana

Botswana is home to some of Africa’s most precious treasures- gems and otherwise. With a burgeoning economy, one of the most stable democracies on the continent and an intrinsic understanding the tourist industry; Botswana is one of the best road trip destinations around. Your twenties are made for adventure so book a car now and you can see all this and more with a long term car rental.

Okavango Delta sunset

The Okavango Delta is a must on any visit to Botswana. This biome is as diverse as it is beautiful with big game, wondrous bird and incredible fauna all residing within the Delta’s boundaries. Elephants, hippos and crocodiles abound, and a quiet ride in one of the famous canoes is an intimate way to enjoy this majestic backdrop.

Tsodile Hills
Courtesy: timeslive

Tsodilo Hills is the highest point in Botswana at over 1400m above sea level. The stark beauty of the rocky formations and Savannah fauna make it an incredibly powerful place. Several myths and legends abound about Tsodilo Hills. Visited by the Bushmen for over a 1000 years the tradition and history of the hills is truly incredible. Discover the love triangle so potent in its feeling it created these stark monuments to love and its pursuit.


African Elephant herd


Elephants are a certainty with the highest number of elephants in the world living in Botswana. These majestic beasts are peaceful, intelligent and breath-taking. Whether you want to snap a few photos or a ride one across some forgotten land, the elephants are ready to accommodate you. Who could resist these little guys?

Makgadikgadi Pans
Courtesy: African Travel Resource

The Makgadikgadi Pans are the remains of an ancient lake. The salty bed covers 16,000 km and are home to incredible migrations. Flamingos, zebra and wildebeest all traverse the stark landscape and with yourself, your thoughts and the ancient Baobabs you are transported to another planet. Drink in the majesty and add this to your road trip bucket list.

Baobabs in Botswana

Finally the people are a major draw for a visit. With hospitality and kindness in abundance a good night on the town is never too far away. From great beer, St Louis, to the bar atmosphere you and your crew are in for a wild night. Don’t hesitate, Drive Africa’s car rentals are on hand to get you onto your Botswana experience. For now, this little guy can keep you entertained.