Rolling with the homies over the rocky hills

rocky-hillsThere is nothing quite like a drive through rough terrain to send your senses and adrenalin soaring. If you’re looking for a great place
to test your 4×4’s wheels out, look no further than the Western Cape. The beautiful mountain ranges and ideal weather temperament make for an idyllic place for any fun-loving adventurer to go to. If this kind of exploration has always been a dream of yours, but you don’t have the necessary vehicle at your disposal, why not try long term car hire in Cape Town? You’ll be able to lease the car for as long as you need to, enabling you to enjoy your time in the mountains without having to worry about getting the car back within a day or two.

If you are willing to travel just a short distance outside of Cape Town, you will absolutely love the Glen Oaks 4×4 trail. Close to the sleepy town of Greyton, Glen Oaks is home to dense, lush forests and some of the Western Cape’s best views. What’s more is that while journey across this trail, you will be contributing to a fantastic cause. Glen Oaks trail is on a working fruit and livestock farm, and all the proceeds from the use of the trail go towards the removal of any alien vegetation in the area. It’s really just a win-win situation – you get to relax, unwind and have a good time while contributing to a good cause.

Although the Glen Oaks trail is only eight kilometres long, it could take anywhere between three and seven hours to complete. Each obstacle is a great challenge to even the most experienced of drivers, but there is also an alternative challenge for those who are less knowledgeable about trails. With a difficulty rating of between three and four, the general frustration that one may usually face with an obstacle course all dissolves into the sheer beauty of your surroundings once on the Glen Oaks trail.

Safety also comes first at Glen Oaks, so each challenge is colour-coded according to the level of difficulty. This colour-coding allows drivers to decide what they will and won’t do, depending on their level of expertise as well as what they feel most comfortable with. The obstacles that you can decide to tackle are, however, obviously dependent on the car that you are driving. Renting a 4×4 with everything that you need to go on a great, mountainous adventure is your best option if the car you are driving is not ideal for rough terrain. Drive Africa offers 4×4 rentals to anyone with a valid driver’s license, including Under 21s. This is a fantastic service, as not very many car rental places are willing to rent vehicles to drivers younger than 25.

The Glen Oaks trail is one of the most beautifully changeling trails available to 4×4 enthusiasts. If you are one of them, be sure to put this on your bucket list – it is certainly well worth it.