Top 10 Christmas Presents For 2014

Christmas_presents_2416800bChristmas is almost upon us and to help avoid those last-minute shopping sprees for presents – we thought we would pick out the top 10 gifts to consider for 2014.

To cater for everyone in the family, we will pick out some of the popular options across the board. Here are some excellent gift ideas for 2014, in no particular order:

Gift Vouchers:

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that gift vouchers are impersonal. In fact, they are a really thoughtful gift when giving someone an amount they can work with. Unless you know exactly which store the recipient loves to shop at, consider getting centre vouchers which allow the person to visit any store they please.

Video Game Console:

Nowadays, video game consoles can be appreciated by the whole family and are no longer a distraction for the kids only. A PlayStation 4 or Xbox One also doubles as an entertainment system. Just be sure to take note of the age restrictions on the games when buying for younger kids.

GoPro Camera:

These popular, rugged cameras have become highly popular accessories in South Africa. Capture incredible footage of your outdoor adventures and with summer getting underway, this is the perfect time for this gift.


The gift of music or movies never gets old – whether you find some old classics or the latest releases.

A Special Bottle:

If the recipient is 18-years-old or older, why not consider a decent bottle of whisky, brandy, rum or wine. It is the festive season and this gift will definitely come in handy.


Whether you want to splash out on gas options, something portable or a big Weber – there are not many men out there who would be unhappy with a quality braai.


These timeless blocks are ideal for younger children. Promoting creativity and stimulating the imagination, Lego blocks essentially allow your children to create as many toys as they want.


A bottle of the good stuff is always welcome for the special lady in your life. Make sure it is her favourite scent though!


If you have a child that is in their teenage years, they will certainly appreciate a pair of quality headphones. With cellphones and media players as readily available as sweets, almost every teenager has a pair of headphones slung around their neck to enjoy their latest tunes.


If your man is the DIY type, and you have seen him put together some makeshift solutions over the last year, why not get him the tools he was missing. He may not use them on the day, but they will come in handy over the next year.

Now that you have some ideas, hit the stores as soon as possible to beat the holiday rush – and have a joyous festive season!