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unlimited mileage car rental

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Unlimited Mileage Car Rental is what drivers are searching for. There is nothing worse than being restricted with miles for your car rental. While this applies to all spheres of life, it is even more prevalent when it comes to car hire. We understand this, which is why we offer our clients unlimited mileage car rental. The vehicles are also available on a full insurance option, meaning that you won’t have to worry about any mishaps along your journey – the car you hire will be covered.

The only rule that applies to this package is that there is a minimum rental period of four days in order to receive the option of unlimited mileage car rental. Anything less than four days will afford you a generous limit of 200 kilometers a day. You also need to own your own credit card, prepaid credit cards and debit card are not possible.

This unlimited mileage formula is now available for all South African citizens and all drivers from around the world!
If you want full cover insurance with no excess, please choose the executive package!

Unlimited Mileage Car Rental

However if you are a under 23 car rental driver use then link here under 23 car rental so that you don’t pay a surcharge for being under 23 car rental age. All other drivers can enjoy this car rental package with unlimited mileage as long as they hire for 4 days or longer. Did you know that car rental is calculated in 24 hour days so if on the third day of hire you bring back the car one hour later your rental becomes a four day rental and you get unlimited mileage with your car rental

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